We invite you to become part of one of the newest and most exciting dance schools in the area. We promise your children will be inspired, respected and given every opportunity to harness their talents.

Do you like ballet? Do you like hip hop? Do you like to tumble? Maybe you are interested in joining company? We have "IT" and more...

Our faculty is committed to providing your children with the best dance education.  Our faculty is comprised of recognized and honored artists who have received multiple awards for their choreography and performances.

We offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, musical theater, and acrobatics. 

Do you think your child is ready to dance? If your child is between the ages of 2-18 we have a place for them! At 2 years old your child qualifies for our Pre Ballet program. At the age of 4 they can enjoy a class of ballet, tap & energetic jazz movement. As your child grows, the available classes grow too! All of our classes are taught by at lease one teacher accompanied by an assistant and are divided based on age. 

Students enrolled in all classes, with the exception of acro, will be a part of our end of the year recital!

Whether you are in our competitive dance companies or part of our school dancing once a week you are all special. You will receive the same encouraging training while having a great time. When you finish at our recital your accomplishments will be celebrated!

Interested in Company?

Our competitive dance programs provide the necessary technical training and artistic development designed to bring out the best of our your talents. This will include classes, workshops and numerous performances throughout the competition season.

Trying out for an performing arts school?

The Dance House of Brooklyn offers private coaching for all children isinterested in attending a performing arts  school.

Please be sure to call or email the studio with the requirements for your audition! Also, remember to call well in advance so that your child has the time to settle down and feel confident in their routine!